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17 Nov 2016

Do you need a hug?  I needed one after last week.  

The growing atmosphere of racism, misogyny and xenophobia around the world is frightening.  Fundamental values, like freedom, equality, compassion and mutual respect, are under attack. It feels overwhelming.

What lies ahead is uncertain.  But you don’t need to read any polls to know that you can count on IRAC.  We aren’t going anywhere.  In fact, our resolve will only get stronger.

We will continue fighting against racism and racial incitement in Israel, including our campaign against the extremist hate group Lehava.

We will continue fighting for gender equality in all areas of religious and civil life in Israel.

We will continue fighting for the rights of Israel’s most vulnerable minority groups. 

We have faced tough challenges before.  Believe me.  I have decades of battle scars and an arrest record to prove it.  Together, we will face these new challenges head on.   

Don’t give up.  Don’t give in.  Just give.  Give an hour a month of your time volunteering to help those in need.  Give a hug to a friend who needs an extra boost of support and hope.  Support organizations that are fighting for equality and tolerance. 

We are approaching the end of the year, and our plans for 2017 are just as ambitious. We need your help now more than ever to make sure we will continue to be Israel’s premier civil rights defender. Please click here to support our work.

Anat Hoffman

The Israel Religious Action Center (IRAC)