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Our Values

Our work is centred on our values.  As Progressive Zionists we believe in repairing the world in the name of God, Tikkun Olam b'Malchut Shaddai.  This belief dictates our vision for the State of Israel and Progressive Jews engagement with Zionism.  To that end, we believe

The State of Israel should be a democratic, tolerant and pluralist State with equal rights and opportunities for all its citizens

  • We should actively work to support the most needy in our midst.

The approach to ending conflict should follow the principle of darchei shalom, paths of peace.  This means:

  • The sanctity of Jewish life comes before the sanctity of Jewish land
  • Extremism does not accomplish our goals of peace, it takes us further way
  • We support the creation of two states with peaceful and secure borders

Active engagement in Israel amongst Progressive Jews in Israel and the Diaspora is a sacred engagement and we need to work together to realise our vision.  Therefore we:

  • Promote the concept of a vibrant Jewish life in the Diaspora with the responsibility of working towards realising the Progressive Zionist vision.
  • Believe in Aliyah Nimshechet, moving to Israel and working to make a difference there.