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29th Nov 2016

We stand with Kehillat Raanan

Today one of our Reform Synagogues was vandalized. The members of Kehillat Ra'anan in Ra’anana woke up to graffiti and a knife left by their door. In addition to these criminals’ hateful words, they made death threats against Rabbi Rick Jacobs (President of the Union for Reform Judaism), Rabbi Gilad Kariv (President of the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism), and myself. The motivation may seem clear at first. Someone saw a symbol of Reform Judaism and they decided to lash out at it. Howeve

17th Nov 2016

Support IRACs 2017 Work

Do you need a hug? I needed one after last week. The growing atmosphere of racism, misogyny and xenophobia around the world is frightening. Fundamental values, like freedom, equality, compassion and mutual respect, are under attack. It feels overwhelming.

3rd Nov 2016

Support IRACLehava Campaign

Ahmed, 23, finished his evening shift at a catering hall kitchen in Jerusalem. He took a taxi to the city center to meet up with some friends. Getting out of the car, Ahmed was surrounded by a group of four young Jewish men wearing Black t-shirts with the trademark yellow insignia of the right-wing Jewish group, Lehava.

3rd Nov 2016

Claim your place at the Kotel

We started at 6:30am outside the Western Wall. Some of us had been on the road since 3am and others had come from New York and further. There were fourteen Torah scrolls and hundreds of committed Jews standing with one goal…to hold an egalitarian service at the Kotel. We started singing “Do not be afraid” and slowly made our way arm and arm to the entrance of the Western Wall complex.

14th Oct 2016

The Sky is the Limit

We were all taught to obey instructions while flying, but what happens when those instructions infringe on our civil rights? Sunday’s New York Times featured our new and innovatove way to try to tackle this issue and to protect the rights of women in the skies.